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Hello my name is David Downer.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and to find out more about Skinny Fiber our all natural “Aid to Weight Loss”.



I first found out about Skinny Fiber in 2012. As a health, fitness & weight loss pro since 1991 I was very skeptical. However; I had heard so many good things about Skinny Fiber that I decided to try it myself…

My skepticism soon vanished as my pounds an inches started to vanish too…

In my first 12 weeks taking Skinny Fiber:

  • I lost 15 pounds (exceeding my goal weight of 14 pounds)
  • I lost 4 inches from my waist.
  • I no longer had the desire to eat the quantity of food I used to eat
  • I eliminated most snacking between meals (the desire to snack was gone).
  • I saved around $90 on my shopping bill in my very first month, simply because I was happily eating less at meal times (overeating is one of the biggest causes of weight loss) and I didn’t have the desire to snack between meals.

Skinny Fiber was the first product that I had come across in my career as a health, fitness & weight loss pro, that helps you to lose weight and inches almost effortlessly, while continuing to enjoy real food and without going hungry.


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It is important to think of successful weight management as a Marathon and not a Sprint. Always think in terms of 90 day goals. For most people it takes at least 90 days for your body to settle into a new weight loss regime and start returning the desired results. That’s why I encourage you to take the 90 Day Challenge.

As a fantastic financial incentive to help you get started on your new weight loss journey, I have two fantastic offers for you:

Offer 1: Buy 2 Bottles & Get 1 Bottle Free (enough Skinny Fiber for 1 x 90 day challenge) – Save $59.95

Offer 2:  Buy 3 Bottles & Get 3 Bottles Free (enough Skinny Fiber for 2 x 90 day challenges) – Save $119.90

When you order via any “Order” link on this website you will automatically become my personal customer. As my customer you will have access to the password protected Customer Area of this website (this is for MY customers only). There you will find information including Recipes; Fitness Tips and Record Keeping Tips to help you on your weight loss journey with me.


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Very Important Note: When you click any “Order” link on this website, you will be immediately redirected to my personal affiliate order page. Please make sure you see my name (David Downer) at the top of that page). If you don’t see my name please contact me “Here” before placing your order. Please remember only my personal customers receive access to the password protected Customer Area of this website.




Take two Skinny Fiber capsules with a 16 ounces glass of water, 30 – 45 minutes before two of your main meals each day (e.g. lunch and dinner). Feel free to flavor the water e.g. with a herbal tea bag or pieces of fresh or freshly squeezed lemon. The water may be cold, warm.

Start making better food choices – I will help you with this (no need to go overboard). I definitely recommend some daily exercise (a 20 – 30 minute walk is perfect) and of course take your Skinny Fiber. That’s it, that’s all there is to this program. It couldn’t be simpler

Note: Once you are my customer you will find lots of helpful tips, information and recommendations regarding what to eat; recipe ideas; exercise ideas etc in the Customer Area of this website (access available to all new customers ordering via my Affiliate Link only – Again to become my customer please make sure you see my name (David Downer) at the top of the customer order page)




When you take your Skinny Fiber (as recommended above), the fiber and water mixes with your stomach juices and the fiber expands in your stomach. When you are ready to eat (30 – 45 minutes later), you already feel partially full and as a result you eat less. Makes sense, right? Because you eat less you consume less calories. As you consume less calories, as the days and weeks go by the pounds start to melt away. In addition the natural appetite suppressant in Skinny Fiber helps to reduce your craving to snack between meals and that reduces your calorie consumption even further. 



Skinny Fiber comes with an “Empty Bottle” Money Back Guarantee. This is for the retail price you paid (less shipping cost).


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Can I guarantee you weight loss with Skinny Fiber?

Simple answer – No!

Why? Because I have no idea if you will follow the simple instructions or how patient you will be. Yes some people are disappointed by their results but when I speak to them, I find out that they haven’t been following the instructions.

Also some people have unrealistic expectations, for example, they see the great results that some people are getting with Skinny Fiber e.g. the ones who lose a lot of weight very quickly. But when they don’t get the same results themselves they say “the product doesn’t work” and they give up. That’s a great shame because the product absolutely does work and it will work for for you too as long as you follow the simple instructions.

So let me help you set your expectations in the right way, so that like me you will get the results you are looking for (as long as they are realistic in the first place)…




When it comes to losing weight, we are all different and our results will therefore be different. Some people lose weight quickly (aren’t they the lucky ones)? :-). Others find that their weight is much harder to move. That said it is quite common for people who don’t experience significant weight loss in the first month on Skinny Fiber, to lose inches instead (and that can be so motivational and so it should be). It is therefore important that you record your measurements on day one (we will show you how).

Note: Did you know that it’s perfectly normal to drop a dress size (ladies) or lose an inch or two around your waist (gents), while your weight stays  the same? Anyway; the point I want to make is that virtually anyone can lose weight effortlessly (and I do mean effortlessly) with Skinny Fiber, if only they will be patient. Skinny Fiber FLAT OUT WORKS; unfortunately sometimes people just don’t give it time to work!

How quickly you will lose weight on any weight loss program can be affected by all sorts of factors, for example:

  • Health: If you are not enjoying optimal health right now (which maybe due to poor eating habits, and not necessarily an illness), the healthy enzymes inside each capsule of Skinny Fiber, may need to go to work to help your body become more healthy, before you can even begin to lose weight. That can sometimes take several weeks before you notice anything is happening.
  • Colon: It is said in some natural health circles, that all dis-ease begins in the Colon (large intestine). I don’t know if that is true but what I do know is that if you have a healthy fully functioning colon, then the nutrients from your food will be absorbed through your colon wall into your blood stream, which is good for your health. The remaining waste matter (stools) will pass effortlessly (at least once a day) out your colon. So; how healthy is your colon? Do you have regular, effortless daily bowel movements? If the answer is no Skinny Fiber will almost certainly help you there.
    However; if your colon is less than healthy the food you eat will sit festering in your colon and it will start producing toxins (it will also cause bloating and abdominal discomfort). These toxins can be absorbed through your colon wall into your blood stream, which is clearly not good for your health (hence the suggestion that “all dis-ease begins in the Colon”). Your bowel movements will be neither regular or (at times) effortless.
    We are often told that as a society we need to consume more fiber. Increasing your fiber intake will speed up bowel function. Improved bowel function will provide the environment your body needs to function “healthily” in the way nature intended. That includes helping your body to deal with fat more efficiently, which in turn makes it easier for your body to lose weight (or not gain it in the first place) and maintain your ideal weight long term.
  • Metabolism: If your metabolism is sluggish, your results are going to be disappointing versus someone who has a speedy metabolism. Simple regular exercise like brisk walking can help to speed up your metabolism. Exercise also stimulates “peristalsis” (helps move food waste along your digestive tract and out of your body. 
  • Medication: Some medication can make it very difficult to lose weight, I am not saying it’s impossible to lose weight on certain medications but you may have to be a lot more patient than someone who is not taking the same medications. You may need to lower your expectations a little too.
  • Menopause: Weight management is just one of the many challenges faced by many peri-menopausal and menopausal women. Unfortunately that is just the way it is.
  • Fluid: The quantity of fluid you drink can have a really significant impact on your body’s ability to shed the pounds. Your body needs plenty of fluid to function properly and to avoid dehydration. As a guide, I recommend 4 pints (64 fluid oz) spread across the day. The best fluid of all is water but adding a herbal tea bag or pieces of fresh fruit to infuse into the water is a good idea too.
  • Others Factors: These may include (but are not limited to): iron deficiency; thyroid hormone deficiency; polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and your mindset (don’t under-rate the importance of having the right mindset / attitude to this program).

So as you can see we are clearly NOT all the same and so we cannot expect the same results at the same speed. These factors apply regardless of what weight loss program you are following.

Also keep in mind that a realistic weight loss for most people (on any program) is 1 – 1½ pounds per week. So over one 90 Day Challenge a realistic weight loss goal for most people is 12 to 20 pounds.

So you must be patient and give Skinny Fiber time to work for you, to improve your bowel function (if that is required) and to start making you healthier through the enzymes in the product.

Consider this: How many years has it taken you to be the weight and size you are now? I would imagine the answer is probably many years? If that is the case, do you really expect to reverse the trend overnight? Also if you keep doing the same things that have caused you to fail in the past (you know; all those other diets programs you have tried), you are going to keep on failing. There has to be a better way. There is a better way; it’s called Skinny Fiber.


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If you have any questions or there is anything you are not sure about please first check my “FAQ’s Page Here”. If you still have questions please “Contact Me Here” and I will help you.